Become the most famous monsterlord in history

In Hatch you buy eggs and hatch them into monsters. Then you pit your monsters against those of the other players in spectacular arena battles. Why? Because the crowd wants to be entertained – with blood! If you buy smart, fight dirty and are willing to sacrifice your beloved monsters to put up the best show, you could become the most famous monsterlord.

  • 54 Monster cards 
  • 162 Miscellaneous cards
  • 1 Rulebook
Age: 12+ Players: 2 – 6 Time: 30 – 60 mins

Game Design: Aerjen Tamminga & Daniël van der Poel
Illustrations: Daniël van der Poel

The imp - Innocuous The Spider - Stupendous The Snake - Scintillating The Dragon - Dastardly

*Since Hatch is not in publication yet, the final list of components is subject to change.